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My setup, part one: vim

In this post series, I will talk about my software setup. It will not be an exclusive list, just some various configurations of software I use the most. In this first, post I will present my vim configuration.

I use vim for many years now, and I got through many different configurations. Lately, I've been removing some plugins that I simply did not use anymore, or fancy ones that I did not think that they were really required (Looking at you, powerline).

Disclaimer: I introspected my workflow and tuned Vim to the way I work. Not the other way around where you change your habits to work around editor setup. And I encourage you to do this yourself regardless of your editor.


Plugin Manager: pathogen

I've always used pathogen since the beginning. I always though the simple setup of git clone in the ~/.vim/bundle/ directory was the most elegant way to handle plugins.












set ai
set nu
set cc                  =80
set ts                  =4
set t_Co                =256
set shiftwidth          =4
set cursorline
set list listchars      =tab:»·,trail:·,precedes:<
set tabstop             =8
set softtabstop         =0
set expandtab
set smarttab
set backspace           =indent,eol,start
set noswapfile
set splitright
set autochdir
set encoding            =utf-8
syntax on

nmap <F8>                               :TagbarToggle<CR>
noremap <Space><Space>                  :tabedit .<CR>
noremap <S-Tab>                         :tabprevious<CR>
noremap <Tab>                           :tabnext<CR>
noremap <C-d>                           :vs<CR>
noremap <S-d>                           :split<CR>
noremap <C-p>                           :CtrlP<CR>
noremap <S-Right>                       <C-w><Right>
noremap <S-Left>                        <C-w><Left>
noremap <S-Up>                          <C-w><Up>
noremap <S-Down>                        <C-w><Down>
noremap <C-a>                           gg<S-v>G
inoremap <C-a>                          <Esc>gg<S-v>G

hi CursorLine term=bold cterm=bold guibg=Grey40
hi SpecialKey ctermfg=240 ctermbg=bg
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