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louis at ne02ptzero dot me

My primary GPG fingerprint is 0209 DF0B 01A2 C446. If you get an email that appears to be from me and the signature does not match that fingerprint, it is not from me. You may download a copy of my public key here.

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pub rsa2048/0209DF0B01A2C446 2016-12-13 [SC] 8F3F187E70FD667FCCA6D7840209DF0B01A2C446 uid [ unknown] Louis Solofrizzo (GMail Key) uid [ unknown] Louis Solofrizzo (Ne02ptzero) sub rsa2048/B005F8DFB69D71A9 2016-12-13 [E] sub rsa2048/A7E035E6AAACBE2B 2019-12-11 [S] pub rsa2048/F73EC4C5110297C4 2018-07-16 [SC] 05CCA1AD0612A214B04FF971F73EC4C5110297C4 uid [ unknown] Louis Solofrizzo (Scaleway Key) sub rsa2048/F395A487BE6701EB 2018-07-16 [E]
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